Who we are

Our group

Magtor is a Malta-based group with a presence in the Principality of Monaco and with its R&D and Engineering facilities in Austria. A team of a dozen people is currently involved in the Magtor project.

Started in 2011 with an “out of the box” idea, the “Magtor adventure” reached its first major milestone in 2015 with the delivery of a proven generation of the Magtor drive, the constitution of a worldwide intellectual property portfolio, including over fifty patents and patent applications, as well as the creation of a bespoke, computer-based simulation framework allowing the sizing and engineering of the Magtor drive to any given specification and for any application.

Between 2016 and 2018, Magtor focused on optimising performance together with the development of control software for the Magtor Linear Drive. In parallel, a fully refined test bed, using air as the braking mechanism (motor load), was developed, built and commissioned.

This development phase resulted in mid-2018 in the Air Magtopressor Proof of Concept, which was stabilised at the beginning of 2019. It offers unprecedented levels of efficiency even though it does not yet incorporate all best practices and know-how of the compression industry; it is, however, sufficiently mature to be compared to end compressor products available in the market.

Now focused on the development of Magtor-driven compressor end products, Magtor is in parallel expanding the scope of its current proof of concept to cover additional applications within the up to 500W power range, while upscaling (power ranges up to 1.5kW) and downscaling (50W to 200W) the Magtor drive capabilities to widen the range of applications for the Magtor technology.

Although air compression is a first milestone for Magtor, the medium-term goal is to bring Magtor efficiencies to climate control engineering allowing products such as fridges, heat pumps and air conditioning units to become 30+% more efficient.

Our key personnel

Magtor - Martin MarschnerMartin Marschner von HelmreichInventorFounder – ChairmanMartin spent many years as a high-level international banker in Germany and as an investment banker, as well as being an independent broker in France/Monaco. He was subsequently involved, as director and shareholder, in a project to run cars on compressed air and, more recently, as CEO and co-owner of a project to power vehicles by liquid nitrogen. Martin is the co-inventor of the Magtor linear drive and is the group chairman
Magtor - Jeremy HeinJeremy HeinInventorFounder – CTOJeremy, a qualified engineer, is the co-inventor of the Magtor linear drive and is CTO of the group. His work since 2011 on the Magtor programme led to the creation of the Magtor Drive System together with the Magtor Software and Simulation Suite and resulted in the Magtor Intellectual Property Pool containing more than 50 granted patents and patent applications. Now heading the group’s R&D team he is the architect and the manager of the Magtor IP strategy
Magtor - Kurt SchallerKurt SchallerGeneral DirectorKurt has more than 30 years of international experience in the telecommunications industry including a number of executive and key management positions in multinational companies. Kurt has accordingly gained extensive experience in technology transfer, international business management, team building, company turnarounds and start-ups in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia
Magtor - Tim HumphreysTim HumphreysPartnerChief legal officerTim is a qualified English lawyer with over 25 years’ experience in Company and Commercial law. Before working with Magtor he was General Counsel of a downstream Oil & Gas company and was in charge of a team of over 20 lawyers. Tim has worked with Magtor since 2012 with responsibility for all legal and commercial matters
Magtor - Miroljub NedeljkovMiroljub NedeljkovDirector of ProductionMaster craftsman with considerable experience in the automotive industry, Miroljub joined the Magtor team in 2013 after working for 8 years for General Motors. Now Managing Director of Magtor’s R&D and Engineering facility in Austria, he oversees the production of the Magtopressor proofs of concept, from design to testing and validation.