A new disruptive linear motor technology delivering significantly more efficient and environmentally-friendly compressor and pumping applications

What is the Magtor technology? How does it work? What are Magtopressors and Magtopumps? What can they do? Can it play a role against climate change? Find out in this video:

Governments and companies are rapidly waking up to the dangers of climate change and are pledging to become carbon neutral over the next decade.

However, existing rotary motor technology, used in most compressor and pumping applications, is not capable of providing the increased efficiency needed to allow these pledges to be met, thereby presenting a seemingly unattainable goal.

Magtor’s aim is to replace the traditional rotary-based electric motors that currently dominate the market with our radical new direct linear electric motor.

Magtor will enable billions of homes, businesses and vehicles worldwide to reduce their operating costs, while significantly lowering the environmental footprint of their compression, pumping, heating, cooling and refrigeration needs.

Magtor is delighted to have been selected by Greenbackers Investment Capital' 26ForCOP26 SuperPitch Program which is showcasing 26 of the best companies in the Cleantech sector, culminating in a live pitch at COP26 in Glasgow in November.