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The world’s first high-energy, “long-distance”, bi-directional linear motor for compressors and pumps

Governments and companies are rapidly waking up to the dangers of climate change and are pledging to become carbon neutral over the next decade. However, existing rotary motor technology, used in most compressor and pumping applications, is not capable of providing the increased efficiency needed to allow these pledges to be met, thereby presenting a seemingly unattainable goal.
Magtor’s disruptive linear drive for compressors and pumps, with its aim of a net ultra-efficiency of 99+%, is the solution to this challenge, allowing continued market expansion with significantly lower global CO2 emissions.
Magtor’s mission is that its green, high energy, ultra high efficiency linear drive becomes the dominant global technology replacing outdated, inefficient reciprocating piston rotary motors in many thousands of compression and pumping applications