A new disruptive linear motor technology delivering significantly more efficient and environmentally-friendly compressor and pumping applications

What is the Magtor technology? How does it work? What are Magtopressors and Magtopumps? What can they do? Can it play a role against climate change? Find out in this video:

Magtor will enable billions of homes, businesses and vehicles worldwide to reduce their operating costs, while significantly lowering the environmental footprint of their compression, pumping, heating, cooling and refrigeration needs.

After reviewing hundreds of technologies, Magtor’s linear electric motor for energy-efficient heating and cooling applications, was selected for representation in the WIPO Green Technology Book.
The “Magtopressors and Magtopumps” Solution was attributed the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label following an assessment performed by external independent experts and based on verified standards. It is thereby joining the #1000solutions challenge, an initiative by the Solar Impulse Foundation to select solutions that meet high standards in profitability and sustainability and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation.