Comparison to State of the Art Compressors


Many air compressor types and technologies exist covering a wide range of end applications within the up to 500W electrical power range:

  • linear technologies are mostly found within double-acting linear diaphragm air pumps or air blowers, products designed to operate mostly at 0.2 bar while consuming 200W. One can also add small “free piston” air compressors designed to operate at 2 bar while consuming 100W (this is also the technology used in linear compressor for fridges)
  • reciprocating-piston air compressors where linear motion used to do the compression work is derived from a rotary electric motor through the use of a crankshaft. This is the dominant technology within the up to and above 500W air compression segment (this is also the dominant technology within compressors for fridges and air conditioning units). These air compressors have a nominal operating pressure between 6 and 8 bar while their maximum pressure is between 8 and 10 bar

Air Magtopressor characteristics as measured by the Magtopressor Demonstrator Test Setup are set out in the graph below:

With a nominal operation range between 5 and 15 bar, the Air Magtopressor is the only linear technology able to deliver work normally executed by reciprocating-piston compressors.

Performance Ratio

The “performance ratio” is defined as the ratio between Air Flow times Pressure (in bar x lpm) and Electrical Power Supply (in Watt) and links the effective work done by an air compressor (delivering air flow at high pressure) to its electrical power consumption providing a performance indicator that allows direct comparison of different compressors.

A graph of the performance ratio vs air pressure as measured by the Magtopressor Demonstrator Test Setup is provided below:

Comparison with State of the Art Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating air compressors (products within the 100W to 300W range considered) present a wide range of performance ratios: from 0.16 to 0.76 with an average value of 0.52 bar x lpm / W.

A direct comparison with reciprocating compressors within the same power range (130W) shows that the Air Magtopressor Demonstrator already performs up to 40% better than products on the market.

With its best performance ratio at 0.98, the Air Magtopressor Demonstrator outperforms by 29% one of the best reciprocating air compressors available and by almost 90% the “average” compressor.

Although the Air Magtopressor Demonstrator, especially on its “application side”, does not include all best practices and know-how of the compression industry, it already outperforms existing compressors within the same power range while being smaller in size (volume) and lighter in weight.

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