Magtopressor™ proof of concept

Demonstration video

During the test, the stator is supplied with a single phase 50Hz AC voltage. The applied voltage is progressively increased during the test to maintain oscillation amplitude at a desired value (voltage-controlled variable displacement drive).

The 16 bar limit of the 5L tank defines the maximum pressure which is safely reachable by the compressor. For safety reasons the Air Magtopressor stops at 15.2bar.

Air Magtopressor Proof of Concept Characteristics

 Magtor Linear Oscillator DriveAir Magtopressor PoC
Dimensions L x W x H [mm]227 x 140 x 151.5273 x 140 x 151.5
Weight [kg]7.287.76

Air Magtopressor Proof of Concept Test Setup

The Air Magtopressor™ Proof of Concept Test Setup aims to evaluate the performance of the Magtor Linear Drive by using air as the brake mechanism (motor load). Although designed as a test bench for the Magtor Linear Drive it effectively ends up as an “air compressor demonstrator” for the Magtor Linear Drive.

Application side characteristics
Piston diameter [mm]16
Max. Oscillation Amplitude (mm)15
Displacement [cm³]3.016
Number of pumps2
Oscillation frequency [Hz]50
Free air flow [lpm]18.1


Test setup characteristics
Tank capacity [Litre]5
Maximum allowed tank pressure [bar]16

Characteristics of the Application Side (e.g. diameter of pistons) will define the operational capabilities of the Magtopressor (e.g. Air Flow vs Air Pressure, motor load, …) while the Proof of Concept Test Setup will define maximum reachable pressure below which tests are stopped for safety reasons (e.g. tank, pressure gauge and digital pressure sensors go up to 16 bar).

Air Magtopressor™ Proof of Concept Test Results

Graphs for Air Flow (in litre-per-minute), AC Power Supply (in Watt) and Temperatures (in °C) as functions of the Air Pressure (in bar) as recorded during test (see Demonstration Video) are provided below:

The Air Magtopressor™ Proof of Concept enters its nominal operational range at 5 bar then operates smoothly until 15 bar where the test is stopped for safety reasons (maximum pressure allowed by the 5L tank).

Within the 5 to 15 bar pressure range, the supply voltage is progressively increased to maintain a fixed oscillation amplitude while air pressure in the tank is raising.

The maximum motor load (at 15 bar) is below 45%, meaning the application side is undersized in respect of the linear motor’s capabilities: one could scale up the application side by up to a x2 factor or, conversely, reduce the drive size by a x2 factor.

This application side upscaling/ linear motor downsizing capability is confirmed by the stator temperature which increased by only 3.8°C during the test.